a.Announcement and promotion of KOSGEB Support and Services for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises through activities such as company visits, meetings, seminars, panels, conferences,

b.Determining the status of enterprises according to the information obtained by applying the surveys prepared by KOSGEB by visiting the enterprises, categorizing them and entering the information into the KOSGEB database,

c.Providing the support to the enterprises, completing all preliminary preparations related to KOSGEB Supports, and submitting the support application file to the KOSGEB Business Development Center,

d.Meeting ISKUR registration requests from companies and individuals,

e.To inform members by following training, fairs, etc. organizations for the development of members,

f.Following the changes in the Law and Legislation to inform the relevant members about these changes,

g.To keep the members informed by following the sectoral researches,

h.To audit the activities in accordance with the standard conditions established in accordance with the Chamber Quality Management and Accreditation System in its area of responsibility and to report to the senior management the deficiencies in the system,

i.To contribute to the creation, implementation, control of operational processes, keeping up to date, auditing and continuous improvement of necessary processes in accordance with the requirements of Quality Management and Accreditation System,

j.To promote the awareness of member focus in the Chamber and to coordinate the necessary activities,

k.To contribute to the systematic analysis of the reasons of non-compliance in the services offered by the Chamber,

l.To follow the realization of the quality objectives of the Chamber,

m.To ensure that member problems are solved and to identify the necessary conditions to eliminate the causes of these problems,

n.To make the necessary controls and make the necessary services to the members and the public services defined in the scope of the service of the room and to ensure that the service is of the desired quality,

o.To participate in the Management Review activities, to provide information about the activities,

p.The Department is responsible for maintaining quality records, conducting data analysis and reporting results to senior management.

Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board


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