Press and Public Relations

a. To ensure that the website of TORBALI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, which is the means of communication with the members, is kept up to date in line with the demands and needs,

b. To announce the legislative changes and the issues concerning the members through the website,

c. To participate in the activities and fairs which are decided by the Board of Directors on behalf of TORBALI CHAMBER of COMMERCE or to make the necessary work and organization for the representation of the room,

d. To ensure the announcement of the chamber works through local and national press and to prepare bulletins on this subject,

e. To compile the news and documents in the press about the chamber and keep the archive and archive the local newspapers,

f. To carry out necessary preparations on the ceremonies, events and other activities to be participated,

g. To make the necessary organization for activities such as meetings and panels organized by the Chamber,

h. To record activities carried out for the members within the scope of the accreditation system,

i. To make statistical studies about visibility in the press,

j. To gain the consciousness of member focus in its own department and to make the necessary studies with this awareness,

k. To contribute to the systematic analysis of the reasons of non-compliance in the services related to the Department,

l. To ensure that the strategic objectives of the chamber are realized in relation to its own section,

m. To solve the member problems related to their department and to determine the conditions for eliminating the reasons,

n. To make the necessary controls in the services related to the members and their department, to ensure that the service is of the desired quality,

o. To ensure the quality records of the Department, data analysis and report the results to the Management Representative,

p. Responsible for performing the duties given by the Board of Directors and the Secretary General and reporting the results to the relevant unit.

Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board


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