Council Duties

1. To elect board of directors and disciplinary board members,

2. Selecting delegates of the Union’s general assembly from among its members,

3. Review and decide the proposals to be made by the board of directors,

4. To take compulsory professional decisions,

5. Determining and announcing commercial and industrial customs, traditions and practices,

6. Review and approve monthly balance and transfer requests,

7. To establish arbitration institutions to resolve disputes arising out of or between its members or in cases where they are included in the contract, and to approve the lists of arbitrators and experts to be requested by the courts,

8. To decide the penalties to be proposed by the disciplinary board about the members registered in the Chamber,

9. To approve the annual budget and final accounts and to acquight the board of directors, to initiate proceedings for those responsible,

10. Deciding to buy, sell, build, exile, monothe and pledge immovable property, borrow money, make expropriation, build schools and classrooms, establish companies and foundations within the framework of the provisions of Law No. 5174 or to become partners in established companies,

11. To adopt the internal directive of the room and submit it to the Union for approval,

12. To examine the objections made by the Board of Directors against the decision to be made in relation to the obligation to register in the chamber or the degrees of the members and to make a final decision,

13. Establishing specialized commissions and advisory boards according to professions and problems,

14. To become a member of domestic and international industrial, commercial and economic organizations and send delegates to their congresses,

15. Amnesty and / or reimbursement of dues and delay increases of members who are unable to pay due to force majeure reasons such as fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake and similar natural disasters. to review and decide on the proposals of the board of directors regarding the cases to be filed on behalf of the chamber or members and to delegate this authority to the board of directors when deemed necessary,

16. To give honorary membership to the persons who have provided important services to chamber works or Turkish economic life by the decision of two thirds of the total number of members of the assembly,

17. To fulfill the other duties given by the relevant legislation.

Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board


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