Quality Policy

Maximum member satisfaction by cooperating with the members,
To serve with trust, equality, impartiality and confidentiality,
To lead and pioneer within its scope both national and international,
To use the resources in the most effective and economic way in order to reach our aims and objectives in the shortest time,
To continuously improve the services we provide to our members,
To share management with our members in line with participatory management approach,
To identify the source of the problems experienced by the members and to develop applications that shape the future, and to prepare projects to assist the work of the members,
To create an exemplary NGO and Chamber of Commerce by pioneering the members,
To further enhance communication and to organize trainings in order to keep its members informed of global developments and possible risks,
To consider teamwork as one of the basic elements of our corporate culture,
To create a corporate culture that values its employees and to ensure employee satisfaction by activating the work environment,
To carry out systematic and planned training, participation and development activities in order to reach the determined targets,
In order to meet customer needs and expectations; to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to improve the quality management system continuously.

Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board
Abdulvahap OLGUN
Chairman of the Board


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